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Fleet of Worlds front cover

Ed’s most popular books are, without doubt, the five-novel Fleet of Worlds series — epic space opera, every one. They’re collaborations with New York Times bestselling author (and winner of darn near every SF award worth mentioning) Larry Niven. For some insight into that popularity, check out About the Fleet of World series.



InterstellarNet: OriginsWhile the Fleet of Worlds series is high space opera — with all the gee-whiz, far-beyond-our-ken technology that implies — Ed based his InterstellarNet series on more familiar science. But if the science is familiar, the plots won’t be …

Be sure to check out About the InterstellarNet series.



Energized front coverHurtling asteroids! Grand structures in space, two miles square! Entire oil refineries blasted and set ablaze from space! And that’s just a part of one Edward M. Lerner novel. There ought to be a movie … See Movies and TV.

All Ed’s books in a few seconds … aka, the view from low Earth orbit. See And in a few words ….

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