Edward M. Lerner at Noreascon 4 (Worldcon 2004) Photo by Michael Benveniste

The reviews are in!

“Fans of the genre are sure to find something to fit their tastes.”
Tangent Online (on The Best of Edward M. Lerner)

“Holy crap, this is a great book.”
Sci-Fi Saturday Night (on Déjà Doomed)

“Regardless of the theme, subject matter, or treatment, a Lerner novel never fails to intrigue, engage the intellect, or offer pure entertainment for its own sake. He can do it all, and well.”
Tangent Online (just because)

“[Lerner] is science fiction down to the bone, but he very often takes the ‘serious’ stuff not so seriously. Or he does, but he still squeezes a modicum of wit and whimsy into his subjects. He can catch a salient point in a couple of pages or explore a well-trodden road like AI with new insight.”
Galaxy’s Edge (on Muses & Musings: A Science Fiction Collection)

“I am entertained and enlightened.”
Larry Niven, Hugo Award-winning author of Ringworld (on Trope-ing the Light Fantastic).

“I found Dark Secret to be a refreshingly hopeful vision; the important questions it raised — frightening and disturbing as they may be — are ones we ignore at our own peril … I heartily recommend Ed Lerner’s Dark Secret.”
Tangent Online (on Dark Secret)

“An exceptional book in an excellent series.”
Galaxy’s Edge (on InterstellarNet: Enigma)

“A taut near-future thriller … Lerner’s vision of the future is both topical and possible in this crisp, fast-paced hard SF adventure.”
Publishers Weekly (on Energized)

“Needs recommending within the science fiction community about as much as a new Harry Potter novel does – well, anywhere.”
 Locus (on Fleet of Worlds)

“A single triumphant work of vivid imagination and colorful adventure, fraught with enough action, intrigue, surprises and human drama to satisfy any SF fan.”
SF Site (on Fate of Worlds)

“Lerner’s world-building and extrapolating are top notch.”
SFScope (on InterstellarNet: Origins)

“The age of spiritual machines is almost upon us, and Edward M. Lerner is our advance scout.”
Robert J. Sawyer, author of the WWW trilogy (on Creative Destruction)

“Lerner makes it look effortless, as though the murderous, self-aware computer virus were the most ordinary thing in the world.”
—  Winnipeg Free Press (on Fools’ Experiments)

“Suspense and action enough to fuel any thriller, and even to drive it to the big screen.”
—  SFrevu (on Small Miracles)

“If you only read one Hard SF book this year, make it this one. You won’t regret it.”
Tangent Online (on Frontiers of Space, Time, and Thought)