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Fleet of Worlds(November 8, 2011) Ed writes: “I’ve never blogged about Fleet of Worlds the novel, even though it kicked off the Fleet of  Worlds series … and is among my most popular books. Fleet of Worlds was released in 2007 — but I didn’t begin blogging till 2008. I never saw a reason to look back

“Till now. Today, Tor Books (Larry’s and my publisher) re-released Fleet of Worlds as a trade paperback.”


(May 6, 2011) Twenty years … yowza. That’s how long it’s been since Probe, Ed’s debut novel, first saw print. Sadly, Probe has also been long out of print. So: he was pleased to report it is once more available (with new foreword and afterword), this time in a classy trade paperback edition and — something scarcely imaginable in 1991 —  as an ebook.


(February 26, 2011) Ed’s second novel, Moonstruck, went in and out of print long ago. Way before Kindle, too. Happily Moonstruck is available once more, in a classy trade paperback format and now also for Kindle.

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