Dark Secret front cover(September 9, 2016) It’s secret no more! Dark Secret, Ed’s latest novel — and a star-spanning adventure — is now available in print and ebook formats.

For a glimpse of the end of the world — and at what comes next — check out:

Dark Secret is a unique tale of catastrophe and survival on multiple levels, gripping and harrowing yet ultimately inspiring. Lerner shows what it might really be like to be forced from an out-of-control frying pan into a far worse fire, and how humanity might endure even if what the refugees bring with them is worse than what they find.”

— Stanley Schmidt, author of Argonaut

image1(November 1, 2015) 100 Year Starship ( has announced the inaugural Canopus Awards, for “works that contribute to the excitement, knowledge, and understanding of interstellar space exploration and travel.” And in the category of “Previously Published Long-Form Fiction” — otherwise known as novels — the winner was Ed’s latest novel, InterstellarNet: Enigma. At left, the trophy.

For the complete list of awards see the full press release, “100 YEAR STARSHIP© NAMES WINNERS OF FIRST ANNUAL CANOPUS AWARDS© FOR EXCELLENCE IN INTERSTELLAR WRITING.” (Their caps, not ours … we’re not the ones shouting 🙂 )

For Ed’s take on the exciting news, including his (delivered in abstentia) acceptance remarks, check out his blog post, “Whoa! Tachyons!

(And yes, that post title makes perfect sense. To physicists, anyway 🙂 .)



InterstellarNet Enigma (cropped)(September 23, 2015) Finalists for the inaugural Canopus Awards, which honor the best of interstellar-travel-themed SF, are just out. See Ed’s blog post “A(n inter)stellar start to the day” for general information about the award and all the details of today’s announcement.

Why are we bringing this up here? Because Ed’s recent book, InterstellarNet: Enigma, is a finalist in the novel category. (It also makes for a nice complement to April’s news, about the Hugo nomination for “Championship B’tok,” Ed’s 2014 novelette that forms a small but critical part of the novel.)

The fine folks at, sponsors of the Canopus Award, will announce the winners on Friday, October 30th.



InterstellarNet Enigma (cropped)(June 29, 2015) InterstellarNet: Enigma is — finally — also available as a trade paperback. (If it’s not yet on the shelf at your favorite brick-and-mortar bookseller, they’ll be happy to order you a copy. Just tell ’em:

InterstellarNet: Enigma
Edward M. Lerner
FoxAcre Press
Official release date: June 30, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1936771646

(May 4, 2015) InterstellarNet Enigma, which has been running as an ebook serial, is now available in complete-novel form! The omnibus ebook edition incorporates all five parts of the continuing ebook serial. Omnibus and serial installments alike are offered for Kindle, Nook, and iGadget formats.

“This is quality science fiction.” — Mike Brotherton, author of Star Dragon

For more about the omnibus release and the current state of the serial, check out Ed’s blog post of this morning, “InterstellarNet: Enigma — the wheels on the (omni)bus go round and round.”

And for a limited time only, the publisher is offering Parts 1 and 2, in a variety of formats, free on his InterstellarNet information page.

I-Net Enigma -- TMC(April 20, 2015) The Perils of Pauline? How about peril that — unsuspected — looms over eleven inhabited solar systems? That’s InterstellarNet: Enigma, the latest adventure in Ed’s unfolding InterstellarNet series. The epic has just begun as a five-episode ebook serial. It opens with The Matthews Conundrum …

“A breathtakingly richly realized vision of what tomorrow’s civilization may look like — and the people who inhabit it.”

— Ben Bova, author of the Grand Tour series

To learn more, click through to:

(The full novel — though not this episode — incorporates the Hugo Award-nominated novelette, “Championship B’tok.”)

(April Championship B'tok (front cover)7, 2015) Ed’s 2014 novelette “Championship B’tok” is on this year’s final ballot for the prestigious Hugo Awards! If you missed it in Analog, the story is now a standalone ebook — with some free options, even. Check it out.

And worth noting …”Championship B’tok” is part of Ed’s ongoing InterstellarNet series. Watch this space for an announcement about Ed’s forthcoming new novel, InterstellarNet: Enigma, of which “Championship B’tok” (updated) forms a key — and exciting — segment.



FE cover (cropped)(March 9, 2015) Huzzah! Ed’s most popular solo novel is back in print (and electrons). Check out the re-release of Fools’ Experiments:

“FOOLS’ EXPERIMENTS is science fiction at its dazzling best, and one hell of a technothriller.”

— Stephen Coonts, New York Times best-selling author of The Assassin

“When the artificial intelligences … go maverick, they turn out to be the true weapons of mass destruction. A fast, fun read.”

— Sci Fi Weekly

BTOK (thumbnail)(March 1, 2015) Been too long since your last InterstellarNet fix? Check out Ed’s standalone novelette “Championship B’tok.”

(B’tok? Thanks for asking. B’tok is how the alien Snakes teach military strategy. B’tok is to chess as chess is to rock-paper-scissors. You do not want to tick off Snakes — especially when aggrieved Snakes may be the least of your worries.)

Through March 10, it’s eligible for a Hugo nomination. Just sayin’ …

For more information, check out (on Ed’s blog) B’tok (and ka-Boom).


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(December 29, 2014) Are blog posts too much? Updates on this site all too few? Emailed newsletters too Old School? Then “Like” Ed on his new Facebook page for just the highlights.



Small Miracles front cover (TPB edition)(October 7, 2014) Two books in two weeks. It’s a Small Miracle!

Last week, Ed’s energy-crisis-thriller Energized was re-released in mass-market paperback format. This week — from a different publisher — his medical-nanotech thriller Small Miracles (which had briefly gone out of print) is re-released, in this case in trade paperback format.



Energized front cover(September 30, 2014) Ed’s energy-crisis, the-Russians-are-up-to-no-good, all-too-timely, technothriller Energized was re-released today in mass-market paperback format. (The novel remains available in hardback, ebook, and audio-book formats).

Meanwhile, two other Lerner technothrillers are about to return to print (and electrons).

From Ed’s blog, see his re-release announcement(s), “Re-Energized,” for news about all these reissues — and for a bonus item: a great collection of essays about genre writing.



Front cover for "Fate of Worlds"(July 2, 2013) The concluding book of the Fleet of Worlds series and the Ringworld series was re-released today as a mass-market paperback. (Yes, that’s two grand adventure series.) If you’ve enjoyed the earlier books in paperback format, now you can complete your set.

As SF Site called it: A single triumphant work of vivid imagination and colorful adventure, fraught with enough action, intrigue, surprises and human drama to satisfy any SF fan.

For additional info about the epic Fate of Worlds: Return from the Ringworld, check out:


A_Time_Foreclosed_Front_600x900(June 19, 2013) News items on this page typically announce Ed’s latest book, but he also writes at shorter length, most often for magazines. Magazine stories, alas, quickly disappear from view — but in an era of ebooks and print-on-demand publishing, that’s changing. Ed has now joined the ranks of authors experimenting with stories published standalone. Beginning with “A Time Foreclosed” … this mind-bending time-travel novella will keep you guessing until the final page.

While Ed experiments with new formats, the publisher is experimenting, too — for a short while, anyway — with prices. If you’ve ever wondered about Ed’s short fiction, it’s hard to beat a 99-cent ebook.

For additional info check out:

EML at Nebs 1 of 2 (IMG_1827)

Photo by Liza Trombi / Locus

(May 21, 2013) Ed doesn’t only write novels. A glance at Ed’s biblio page shows his writing — back to 1991(!) — appears often in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. (He’s read the magazine for far longer.) He has contributed fiction at every length from short shorts to four-part serials; science and technology articles; even a guest editorial and a poem.

And so Ed was delighted last Saturday (see image at left) when one of his science articles took the Analytical Laboratory (aka, Analog readers poll) award for best science article of 2012.

(February 22, 2013) Hurtling asteroids! Grand structures in space, two miles square! Whole oil refineries blasted and set ablaze from space! And that’s just one Edward M. Lerner novel. Think there ought to be a movie?

We do, too. See the new Movies &TV page.


Earphones(February 7, 2013) We’re queried almost as often about the availability of Ed’s writing in audio formats as about ebook versions. So: Ed’s delighted to announce that with today’s audio release of Small Miracles, all twelve novels and both all-fiction collections are finally available in at least one audio format. They’re downloadable from; many are also available on CD and even tape cassette.

For the complete list of books available for listening, check out (from Ed’s blog) “Sounding Off.”

(If this has gotten you wondering about ebook availability, check out (also from Ed’s blog) “Kindle-ing interest” and “A note to my UK readers … kindling.”)

Front cover for "Fate of Worlds"

(August 21, 2012)  It’s not often that one book concludes *two* popular series, but this novel does. (Which two? Larry Niven’s bestselling Ringworld series, and Larry’s and Ed’s companion novels, the Fleet of Worlds series collaborations.)

For the explosive double-series finale — and that’s not hyperbole — check out:

Energized front cover(July 17, 2012) Undertaking to write a novel is a major commitment — of time, effort, and self. It’s no wonder that to first see one’s novel in print (or electrons) is a rush. Ed says that’s true, at least for him, no matter how often he goes through the process. As he has again with his latest novel, released today.

What is Energized? A near-future thriller of international intrigue and crippling energy shortages — and of a few brave men and women defying both. A tale drawn from Ed’s seven years as a NASA contractor and the latest in aerospace technology.

For adventure on the High Frontier, check out:

Cover for Frontiers of Space, Time, and Thought(April 4, 2012)   Truth can be stranger than fiction — and what’s not to like about strange? And so, Ed being a computer engineer and physicist as well as an SF author, his just-released collection looks — in fact and fiction — at some Really Big Questions.

Have you ever wondered what humanity could do if a dinosaur-killer-sized asteroid came heading our way? Or how your sneakers are ratting you out? Or how we could possibly communicate with an extraterrestrial if we did meet one? For answers to those questions (and much, much more) check out Frontiers:

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