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Ed takes a writing break

Ed takes a writing break

(2018) Ionisphere (the newsletter of the National Fantasy Fan Federation) interviews Ed in their February 2018 issue. Just search on “lerner”.

(2017) Legendary genre website File 770 interviews Ed at length about his careers in tech and SF. See Edward M. Lerner: Crafted Science, Convincing Characters.

(2016) Is it the zombie apocalypse? Ed makes an appearance at Eating Authors?

(2015) Ed returns to Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction for a TV interview covering the release of InterstellarNet: Enigma — and lots of other things. Watch it on Youtube.

(2015) Ed guest-posts at SF Signal about crafting believable mid-range futures (from a few decades out to a century or more from today) in “The Magic of Being Distinguishable from Magic.” He illustrates the process with background from the evolving future history that is his popular InterstellarNet series.

(2015) Ed guest-posts at SF writer Robert J. Sawyer’s very popular authorial/genre blog about “Beyond the Fermi Paradox” — and its explication in InterstellarNet: Enigma.

(2015) Ed is first among those interviewed at SF Signal for “MIND MELD: SF Stories That Predicted the Future — Or Didn’t.”

(2014) “The Near Future Is a Dangerous Place (for Writers, Too)” is Ed’s guest post on popular genre site SF Signal. It’s an essay on the perils of prediction — and on the mass-market paperback re-release of Energized.

(2013) Talk of the Town, on ABC affiliate TV3 (Winchester, VA), interviewed Ed about Energized. The interview aired on Saturday 11/9 and Sunday 11/10. Alas, the station folded soon after; their website — and with it, the interview — is no more.

(2013) Spec-fic website posts an interview with Ed as “Story behind Fate of Worlds by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner — Forty-two years in the making.”

(2013) The Winchester Star announces “Author wins award for magazine article.” (Sorry for the absence of a link; the online edition is available only to paid subscribers.) This is a rare article about Ed’s nonfiction writing. For Ed’s related post, see Faster than a speeding photon.

(2013) SF Site offers Fate of Worlds: An Interview with Edward M. Lerner. From their introduction: “… a single triumphant work of vivid imagination and colorful adventure, fraught with enough action, intrigue, surprises and human drama to satisfy any SF fan.”

(2012) Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction (a syndicated community TV program dedicated to SF topics) interviewed Ed about both Energized and Fate of Worlds. Watch the interview here. The interview runs about 18 minutes.

(2012) The Winchester Star covers back-to-back release of Fate of Worlds and Energized in “Author pens new books; signing set.” (Sorry for the absence of a link; the online edition is available only to paid subscribers.)

(2012) Cover to Cover Book Beat (on Oregon radio) interviews Ed and Larry about the Fleet of Worlds series and, especially, about Fate of Worlds. (Or go straight to the podcast here.)

(2012) Tor Books interviewed Ed about his newly released novel Energized  for their monthly newsletter. See “Scarily Timely: A Q&A with Edward M. Lerner.”

(2012) Genre website SF Site offers “Energized: An Interview with Edward M. Lerner.”

(2012) Popular review site Literally Jen does a “Q & A with Energized Author Edward M. Lerner.”

(2010) Radio show Fictional Frontiers interviewed Ed about Betrayer of Worlds (podcast here).

(2010) Over on SF Signal, see the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Edward M. Lerner covering the Fleet of World series and more.

(2010) Worlds Colliding? That’s Nothing.Ed’s essay in the Tor/Forge blog talks about Betrayer of Worlds and its relationship to Ringworld on the latter’s fortieth anniversary.

(2010) Ed is interviewed by the University of Illinois about Web 3.0.

(2010) Campaign for the American Reader offered Ed the opportunity to present InterstellarNet: Origins from three separate perspectives.  See Page 69 Test, Writers Read, and My Book, the Movie.

(2010) Fictional Frontiers asked Ed back for his third radio “appearance” to discuss InterstellarNet: Origins. Ed’s segment begins about thirty-five minutes into this archived interview.

(2009) Archived on YouTube, The Artist’s Craft (public-access TV) interviewed Ed about Small Miracles.

(2009) Fictional Frontiers interviewed Ed on radio about Small Miracles (podcast here).

(2009) Tor Books interviews Ed about his newly released novel Juggler of Worlds for the monthly Tor newsletter. See “Edward M. Lerner discusses Juggler of Worlds, his latest collaboration with noted SF author Larry Niven.”

(2008) Fictional Frontiers interviewed Ed on radio about Fools’ Experiments (podcast here).

(2008) The SF podcast review site Cover to Cover interviewed Ed about Juggler of Worlds and Fools’ Experiments.

(2008) Sci Fi Wire (the news service of [what was then called the] the Sci Fi channel) interviewed Ed about Juggler of Worlds.

(2007) Ed presented “Computer Science in SF: It’s Not an Exact Science” at the Library of Congress, hosted by the library’s Technology, Science & Business Division and the staff’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Forum.

(2007) Ed’s autobiographical piece appeared in a section on dream jobs for engineers, in the online edition of Spectrum, published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

(2005) Sparked by the release of Moonstruck, Ed was interviewed by the e-zine SFrevu.

(2005) Ed’s writing career became a matter of interest to his alma mater, the University of Illinois:

  • Physics Department newsletter
  • Engineering School (article)
  • The student paper, the Daily Illini

(2003) Worldcon 2003 in Toronto — Ed was quoted in the Globe and Mail. See “A genre in a time warp.”

(2002) Ed’s writing career was highlighted in Jay Kay Klein’s “Biolog” in the February 2002 issue of Analog. This biography accompanied “Presence of Mind,” his first novella to appear in that magazine.