Awards and Recognitions


Inaugural Canopus Award, for InterstellarNet: Enigma

Canopus Award

InterstellarNet: Enigma — Winner, “previously-published long-form” work (aka novel, 2015).

Hugo Award

“Championship B’tok” — Finalist for best novelette (2015).

Locus Award

Fate of Worlds (with Larry Niven) — Finalist (2013).

Prometheus Award

InterstellarNet: Enigma — Nominee (2016).

Fleet of Worlds (with Larry Niven) — Finalist (2008).

Analog Readers Poll (aka, “the Anlabs”)

For fiction:

“A Case of Identity” — novelette finalist (2016).

“The Matthews Conundrum” — novella finalist (2014).

“Time Out” — novella finalist (2014).

“The Night of the RFIDs” — novelette finalist (2009).

“Presence of Mind” — novella finalist (2003).

For nonfiction:

“Human 2.0: Being All We Can Be” (in two parts) — finalist (2017).

“Here We Go Loopedy Loop: A Brief History of Time Travel” (in two parts) — finalist (2017).

“A Mind of Its Own” (in two parts) — finalist (2017).

“Alien AWOLs: The Great Silence” — finalist (2015).

“Alien Aliens: Beyond Rubber Suits” — finalist (2014).

“Alien Worlds: Not in Kansas Any More”–  finalist (2014).

“Faster Than a Speeding Photon” — winner (2013).

“Lost In Space? Follow the Money” — finalist (2012).

“Say What? Ruminations About Language, Communications, and Science Fiction” — finalist (2012).

“Beyond This Point Be RFIDs” — finalist (2008).